Associate Analyst in RIR

We are in search of a dynamic self-starter who is highly motivated to consistently exceed expectations when implementing high-end ROI driven SEO for our diverse clientele. If you are an up and coming analyst who understands the need for the foundation-building work of solid data entry and link building that supports the endless potential of the Big Picture, we’d like to talk with you!

We are a high-end ROI driven SEO and web design firm with a white hat approach and a mission to become the industry leader for private white label SEO.

We need you to be a savvy analyst who stays on top of the latest SEO trends and innovations but isn’t afraid to roll up his or her sleeves and dig into the data.
Responsibilities Will Include:
  • Keyword Research that coordinates with the business objectives of our clientele; getting the most out of existing content and discovering new opportunities
  • SEO analysis, strategies and targeted recommendations for:
    • Websites and web pages
    • Content Development in terms of general and keyword specific SEO goals
  • Link building campaigns that align with client SEO goals
  • Social Media Research including market and industry trends
  • Communication that scaffolds between team and management on key information with a sensitivity for detail and timelines
Desired Attributes:
  • Passion and ability for SEO and internet marketing
  • Ability to think outside of the box when problem solving, yet be able to identify, respect and work creatively within boundaries
  • Ability to clearly communicate to the tech savvy as well as in lay man’s terms, interchangeably
  • Flexibility when it comes to the ability to adapt
  • MVP status when it comes to working on a team
  • A solid moral compass, ongoing internal motivation and autonomy
Skills and Qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, Marketing or related
  • 1+ years practical experience in SEO, WordPress and web design support
  • Full understanding and ongoing commitment to high end ROI and CRO
  • Fluent Confidence when using web analytic tools
  • Outstanding organizational skills, attention to detail and a finely attuned sense of urgency
  • Ability to analyse with a “learner’s” mentality, conversant with the bottom line that change equals progress and that each day offers an opportunity to learn something new

Please contact us at your earliest convenience if your career objective is to work for an SEO firm that believes in the unlimited potential of its mission, clientele and employees!

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